You know the phrase “It takes a village.”


Do you ever really think about what it means, how it applies, and what you can take from those four simple words to make life a chain of moments that are memorable?

I think some of us understand that living in the moments, being present, and offering ourselves up to others without the thought of the cost to ourselves mean.  We watch for opportunities to be present in other people’s lives, to make a difference, even if that difference is just moments of time spent listening, or watching, or praying.

Tonight I was blessed to watch a close friend of mine give back to someone that touched him from afar; he took the time, made the offer, and did what only someone in his position could do – made a young mans dream come true.

Thank you Jason Beckett, for again, taking the time out to make a difference in someone else’s life.  You are a hero to me – sitting with me hour after hour, day after day at the hospital – and now, giving back again to someone else.

Watch for yourself.  Get online and watch Fox 9 news from tonight here in the Twin Cities.  You can’t miss the story, or the heart.

It takes a village.  Be that village.  Be the one.  You can make a difference.

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