Patience is a virtue – well, it appears that I am not so virtuous when it comes to being patient.  I know that many of you have messaged me asking if we know the results of Frank’s neuropsych test.  Unfortunately, it is typically a few weeks before those results are available.  If we are really lucky, we may hear something next week.

It is a weird place to be – wanting to know, but not wanting to know.  The end result could be the end of this part of our lives, and if so, how does one deal with that?  Truly, it will be as traumatic as the original crash, and having two major traumas in two years is hard to take – especially knowing that one may be coming.

It is almost worse this way.

We wait, waiting for the news that will come, in either direction.

The choices right now are few – Frank goes back to work, or he retires, or he waits.  The not knowing is the hardest right now; in a few days, the knowing may be the hardest.

Perspective is everything.

As always for us, we will roll with the changes.  There are no other choices but to just take the results and move forward, whether they are what we want to hear or not.

Of course, the best outcome will be if Frank can go back to work.  End of story.

I know there are many of you out there that do not understand why I would want Frank to go back to work as a police officer.  I respect your opinions, and on some level I completely understand that thought process.  But for us, it is different.  We are different.  My grandfather was a police officer and an EMT.  I have known since I met Frank where his destiny was leading him, and I accepted that when he went to school to for law enforcement.  It is who he is, and we are who we are – a law enforcement family.

I believe in prayers, and prayers right now prayers would  be appreciated.  Thank you again for your ongoing support.

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