24 hours.  In 24 hours Frank starts his testing phase to assess his recovery.

The goal has always been for him to go back to work as a police officer, and there is no one (other than himself) that wants that for him more than me.  That is called begin the wife of a law enforcement officer – we understand the drive, the NEED, to be at work, and to do what you were called to do.

I get emails asking me how I could allow Frank to go back to work as a police officer after such a bad accident that changed our lives, and nearly ended his.  The truth is that it is not me allowing Frank to go back – oh sure if I was totally against it and I begged him not to go back, maybe he would consider it.

But he would never be truly happy.

There is a group of people that are cut from the same cloth; their belief in good, justice and doing the right thing is so strong, that they make themselves part of the process to maintain that good, regardless of the cost to themselves.  They take the risks, share the blame, lead the way, and walk towards danger.

Without any thought to the risk that it may pose to them.

These men and women feel that it is their duty to be part of a greater good, to help those that need help, and to bring those that cause panic and pain to others, to justice.  They give up sleep, food, and time with their family to help others, all the while refusing to take any help for themselves.

These are the men and women that dedicate themselves to public service; law enforcement, EMT, Fire, dispatch, military…. The list goes on and on.  It is back to these people that my husband wants to return to.  It is this group that he dedicates his life to.  It is this life that he lives for.

We never know what God has planned for our lives – we can never predict the changes and turns that we can face during our lifetime.  We can pray for the things we want, but ultimately, we are not in control.  We have to trust that where our path leads is where we are supposed to be – and that my friends, is a tough lesson to learn.

We offer prayers to all of those heading of today to start their shift, and a prayer of thanks to those that have made it home from theirs.

Una Stamus my friends – we stand together.

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