There are so many times throughout the day that I have things I want to write down but never do.  Then I get to the end of the day, and a day full of the typical crazy – church, grocery store, and soccer practice two-a-day – and I sit down to write…. And nothing.

I remember the days at the hospital that I could sit down and write whenever I felt like it – nothing was ever lost to the day and chaos.

Now, not so much.

I should be grateful that the days have returned to regular crazy life, but there are times when I miss the moments of peace that writing brought to me.  That does not mean that I miss the long days at the hospital though – I just miss the ability to write whenever the whim hit me.

A beautiful fall day in Minnesota – unfortunately for us meant little time outside and lots of time running errands and to practice.  The sunshine felt good, and I am happy for the few moments that I spent with my face to the sunshine, eyes closed, absorbing the warmth – there is nothing better than those moments.

Moment by moment we creep closer to Frank’s testing month.  There are two test group days coming up for him – the first on Halloween and the second one is a three day test towards the end of November.  In between, Frank and I will head to Arizona to visit with friends.

It is a month of change – and change is something that we are all a bit worried about.  Instead of having answers right away after the accident, we have waited almost 2 years.  These many months have been very important for Frank to recover from this injury, but when you have this much time to think between the accident and now, the stress and anxiety come rushing back almost like the accident is happening again.

It is the price we pay for giving him the time to recover.  It is the price we pay for the patience of the City, the League, and the therapists.  It is what we wanted, but it certainly does bring back the feelings of worry.

We pray for good results.  We have a backup plan.  We are all anxious for the outcome.

And all we can do is wait….. And pray.

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