Following the hacking of my website, we have transitioned to a new look – the goal of course is to keep the same feel as the old website, but to just step it up a bit.  There are a few tweaks left to occur, like the fonts, but I hope that you find it as easy to navigate and access as the old site.

It is hard to believe that it is already the middle of October – fall seems to be flying by, especially when they are predicting snow for tonight.  Yeah for MN! (Insert sarcasm here)  Fall break is here, parent teacher conferences are over, and as I look ahead, I can see Christmas coming – wow can time fly….

Fall is full of transition – school, weather, Frank and his job, me and my job – for us, it seems to be a bit unsettling.  I am not a huge fan of change, and when lots of it occurs at once, it makes me irritable and nervous.  I hate filling that inner stress all of the time, it makes everyone around me feel it, and I don’t want others feeling stress off of me.

I try to lift things up and give them up when I feel this way.  Right now, it is a little more difficult to do, but I do try every day to let it go.  I can’t change the past, nor can I change the future, but I can be positive, and helpful, and kind.

THAT, I can control

So, off to try to do some good.  Planning new events in the next few months, including new book signings, presentations for brain injury and law enforcement, and the workshops “Living Your Life After…”  I hope to see you all at some of these events.  I want to hear your story.  I want to meet you and shake your hand.  I want to say “Thank you” for your prayers.

I want you to know that we heard you, and we thank you.  Happy Saturday everyone!

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