Well, let’s try this again.  Things have been quiet for a week as we try to get a handle on the hackers that attacked the website.  My hope is that we have fixed what needs to be fixed, and that you will no longer receive multiple emails from me in one day.  I apologize for any problems this may have caused, and I hope that you all understand that as always, we truly appreciate your support.


The journey of a family following brain injury is one of change – change for everything and everyone.

Even when the recovery is steady, and the prognosis looks good, there is always an element of change.  As I spoke with people today at another book signing, I realized that there are more people touched by brain injury than I could have ever imagined.  Brothers and sons, friends and foes, there are so many.

Many that recover from their injuries and many that are never the same again.

I know that each story is unique, and when I hear them, I am always grateful that I can be there to listen, as I have had so many listeners in the last 21 months.  So many of you that listened to me – without prejudice – with a patient ear that I needed to just get through the day.

When I think about all of those days that I just wanted to know someone understood, or cared, I read back through the responses on Caring Bridge, and the website.  All of the posts, all of the words of encouragement, were just enough for me to take that next step forward.

For that, I am eternally grateful.

My goal the last few months has been to figure out where the next step will be.  As we take each day as one step forward on the path, I try to figure out where I am meant to go next.  Writing now as a job is amazing, and I believe that part of the path is to follow that direction, but it is the connection with others that I feel is most valuable.

So as we move forward and work with others that are just trying to find a way back from their own devastation, we will focus on Living our Life After, and helping others to live their life after as well….

What that will look like is still under advisement, but be certain that bringing to others an understanding that Life can be lived, after anything, is the goal.

So many stories, so many changes to lives, so many that want to do something….

I look forward to exploring that future with all of you.

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