So you may have noticed a few extra emails in your inbox today – apparently the website was hoarding them for a few weeks, and decided last night enough was enough, and released them all to you.

I apologize if it was a bit of an overload.  Hopefully you are now caught up on everything new in the Mackall world, and things will go back to a normal schedule, and you will not be hit with so many updates at once.

We look forward to see you as we are out in the community – please come see us if you find an event on our events page that you can attend.  We love to meet the people that have supported us.  Keep an eye out for the workshop coming soon, “Living Your Life After…..”  It is another way that we can get up close and personal with people that have been struggling after a life changing event, and what we did to work our way through it, and what we do today to live our life now.

We hope you all have a fantastic day – hopefully no crazy email dumps anymore!


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