There is no typical day in our universe, although there are more and more days that tend to look similar. It is a bit like holding your breath and letting it out, holding your breath and letting it out.
It is hard to wait, as we all know, and only waiting, and not doing is impossible to sustain.
I write because it gives me an outlet for all of the things in my head. Frank goes to the gym because it gives him an outlet for the boredom.
Finding that release valve during extended recovery is critical to not losing yourself in the recovery.
I heard from another injured officer yesterday – I declare that brain injuries and law enforcement do not mix.
How is that for a declaration??!! Not rocket science.
But knowing what these men and women face every day, and how strong they are to live through what they see – and then to have an injury that takes the “who” and “what” they are away….
It’s one of those days, a drizzly wet morning, cool…. feels like Fall.
These mornings lend themselves to thinking and wondering.
Maybe it is time to stop the wondering and get on with the day.

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