Some day sit just pays to say “I am not going to shower today!” You know why? Because there is not enough time in a day to worry about small things, and today, I proclaimed a shower OPTIONAL!
When I made that decision, I felt infinitely better. Funny, such a small thing, that made a big difference.
Yesterday, I went to a business network group for the first time with a great friend of mine. It was really nice connecting with people, and they had a really great speaker. What I liked the most was her side bar example, that started with chocolate, so you KNOW that I loved it.
She asked us to open the chocolate, but do it slowly, open it slowly and savor the smell, the texture, breathe it in for a moment.

Then we were told to put it in our mouth, and to savor it, just let it melt for a moment. What did we notice? How did it taste? Was it smooth? Crunchy?

I, for one, am a chocolate savor expert! I do that anyway, but I id it with my eyes closed, and relished in the experience.

It made me take notice of how much I LOVE chocolate, and for a moment, that was all that I focused on.

Sound familiar? Focusing on some small enjoyment in the day is so important.

I look forward to bringing you the new changes coming with the Mackall Family Journey. Look for more information on Living Your Life After…….

We can’t wait to show it to you.

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