I received an amazing email today from a friend of mine – a friend that has lots of boys in her house as well, and understands my day to day crazy living with so much testosterone at any given moment.

The heading of the email went like this, “You are an amazing steward of pain.  Your path has taken you there.”

I was a little taken aback by the start to the email, what did this mean?  I looked at the heading, and my message was linked to a forwarded email from a blog post from someone named Jill Savage (do you SEE the incredible correlation with her last name?  LOVED IT!).  I immediately launched into my email link so that I could read what I knew was going to be a great blog post – anyone with the name Savage, talking about true life, must be interesting, right?

The first thing I noticed was her time stamp of her upload – September 3, 2013, 4:02 PDT.  This is another woman who is not sleeping, or maybe she is so tech savvy that she has her posts load ahead of time?  Smart I bet.

Her title was fantastic – Are you a steward of your pain?  I read the article quickly then I read it again.  What an amazing, articulate way to write about those that carry huge burdens, yet choose to release them to others. They bring their experience and understanding to those coming along behind them.  I was so impressed to read an article talking about and describing so many of the people that I have met in the last 20 months. They are warriors who did not sign up to be warriors.  People, families that have chosen to live out their life trauma in the public, to help others walk the road that they have already traveled.  And individuals that have not been afraid to share, to cry, and to hold on to others, as they cry alongside those now traveling the long road.

My goal has never been to be a steward of pain.

Truthfully, I never really had a lot of goals in the beginning of this new life path. The goals have been placed before me, handed to me. It has been brought to me in the form of ideas, thoughts, and requests, and they cannot be ignored.  This story, OUR story, was always out in the open, but somewhere along the line. I chose to keep it that way.

As I head to bed after this long first day of school, work and errands I am thankful to find another warrior along the roadside.  Thanks to Jill Savage for her post today.  I encourage you to find hope and faith on your journey. I have found that the trick to that is paying attention to all the things put before me.  Today, it was an email from a friend, with a great message attached to it.


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