Another start of “new” is coming. New school year for the kids. A new school year at a new school for Frank’s brother. A new therapy group for Frank. New options for me as everyone is back to their regular schedules. And yes, there will be new time for me.

Oh the choices.

I am looking forward to having open space in my schedule and worrying about what I should be doing with my life.  Funny, I thought that those thoughts would have disappeared with my twenties. I certainly feel that these days.  I feel that my life has been meant for something else. Like something outside of what I had planned. Truly, I want to ensure that I am following where I should go.

A long time ago, I decided that there had to be a reason that we were living through what many have called a nightmare.  I made a choice, somewhere along this path. I choose to stand up and live through the trial and live through the fear. Also, to live through the life that we have been presented following Frank’s brain injury.  Our choice is to find the purpose, and to live out that purpose.

And that purpose is to find those that need us – to hear the story, to see the results, to understand that life can be lived, after.

That after can be many things – after the accident, after the divorce, after the death, after the loss.

After creates a new reality; a reality that sometimes you want no part of.  A reality that you have a choice to face, a choice to turn away from, and to step away from your own life.

It is your choice to accept the life you have been given, to accept the life that you are now living, or to stop living.

Our choice is to live, and to find others struggling to find their path to “live” their new life – after.

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