The truth about scary life journeys is that they require one to follow a path that you did not want to follow.

Life changed FOR you; you didn’t change life for yourself. Uncertainty, pain and scariness envelop the entire world, and many times, it feels as if there is no way to turn to find any light.
Moments freeze in your mind – hallways, a doctor’s face, dark blue, a sunrise through a hospital window. Moments you never envisioned become part of your personal photo album, pictures that never leave your mind. The freeze frame moments, that if visited too often, brought to the front of reality too many times, can cause the one holding those vision irreparable damage.

We cannot spend our life preparing for such moments – to do so creates a reality based in fear, lived in fear, walked in fear. That is not a life. That is not living.

Instead, we can prepare for a life journey by living the life we are in to the fullest. Finding the joy in the day, in the moments, that cause delight and wonder. Breathing in the life that we are part of right now, and taking the joy from those moments, and savoring each and every one.

And if the journey right now is one of scary moments and fear, stop and listen. Close your eyes, and listen to your heart beating. Listen to your own breathing. Listen to the life within yourself. Start there to find your peace.
It always starts with us, even if we are on the scary journey.
We are responsible for finding that inner peace. And for finding that glimmer of light.
It is always there for us to find.

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