Joy comes in many different places. The important part about finding joy is that you must pay attention.

Today for the Mackall’s was a busy day – working on the fence gate, cleaning out the garage, moving furniture in, moving furniture out, and sending off the minivan to get fixed once again. In that day of sometimes stress and distress, it was important to check in with myself and find the joy in the day.

Talking with a good friend about planning for the future – check
Sitting with my face in the sun – check
Playing some early morning basketball with Tommy – check
Walking along the road in my bare feet in sprinkler water as it ran down the street – check
Listening to the boys play outside as Frank and I sit close together on the couch watching TV – check

Find your joy everyone – it is right in front of you, and when you find the moments of joy, even a bad day can turn into one of light.

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