I posted on Facebook the other day that fear creates such a wall for people. When we let fear lead our day and our thoughts, it essentially puts a wall in front of us that we can’t get past.

There is a children’s rhyming game about a bear, and the bear comes across many obstacles – a hill, a swamp, a wall.  The bear can’t go through it, can’t go around it, and can’t go over it.  Each obstacle has to be figured out, because each one is different.

I put a wall in front of myself yesterday. It was a wall of fear and anxiety, so it was a really big one.  I do not always have control of the thoughts that lead to these panicky, fearful moments.  But I have learned that even if I cannot control the thoughts, I CAN control how I react to them.

Instead of sitting on the couch, watching bad television and trying to just forget the worries, I went outside into the sunshine, and pulled weeds.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a HUGE list of things that I needed to get done.  However, through the process of rehabbing myself following Frank’s accident, I have learned that ignoring the worry is not conducive to getting things done.  In fact, the wall in front of me usually just gets bigger. If it is ignored, and at the end of the day, I ended up getting nothing done on that list. In my world, TO DO List + stress = BIGGER TO DO list!!!

So instead of frolicking in my worry, I took myself a huge garbage bag and the dogs. I went outside to begin pulling weeds.  Let me tell you, after an hour of bending, stooping, praying, yelling at dogs to stop eating the weeds, dodging itch-weed, and finally filling that huge garbage bag full, it was over.  The physical exertion along with allowing my thoughts to just let go, into the sunshine and the peace, were the ticket to my peace and happiness for the day.  Letting it all go brought the peace I needed.

And that list of mine, the one that was so huge that I had no business being outside in the sunshine and ignoring?  That list was demolished yesterday.

By removing my panic and fear, I was able to have a successful day; to get the things done that needed to be done.  And even if I did still think about the worries I woke up with, those worries no longer held me captive, and did not control my productivity or my energy for the day.

Our society does not give a lot of support to taking a break.  I know first-hand how the adage goes – Just plow through it and get it done.  I am no longer a believer in that philosophy.  We need to take care of the things that are first and foremost in our minds. Let’s ensure that when we tackle the big things. we are mentally and physically prepared for the challenge.  That is the only way we can ensure success and focus.

And if we do take care of ourselves, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Nothing is too hard, too much, too far away or too much.  Everything can be achieved when we have focus and determination.

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