Another weekend in the bag – how crazy these days can become, and time seems to be flying by at a record pace!  Days seem to blend into weeks, and before I know it summer will be over.  Seriously, the kids already talked me into getting their school supplies – how does this happen?

I am happy that the kids seem to be having a good summer.  Life may be clicking along, but at least we are all together trying to work through our complex schedules together.  It amuses me, and the kids, when we talk about the next day and realize we have to be in too many places as once.  Luckily, the places we are going are often fun, with friends, and mean that we all get to be together, or not together, for a bit of each day.

As I work tonight I keep glancing down at my “to-do list” which of course I renamed the “things I might get done list” last year when I was struggling not getting anything done.  I think last week my break day may have turned into a break week. Many of the things I wanted to finish last week seem to have appeared on this week’s list.  Some of them are really easy things, like booking a hotel room for a wedding.  You would think that I could get that done, right?

Still sitting there.

All I have to do to upload my book to the Kindle site and get it ready to go for people to purchase for their readers is to save the file.  Done yet?


Of course, I was feeling pretty good about having the stuffed shells all ready for dinner tonight, except none of the boys liked it.

The dog did though, and she ate all of the leftovers out of the bowl on the counter.

Bad dog.

So, as I look at tomorrow’s list that is sitting here next to me patiently waiting to be checked off, I think I am going to add a few things.

Go for a run, even if it is a short one.

Schedule a pedicure, my feet need some attention.

Buy Caribou Dark Hot Chocolate, a big one, and sit on the patio in the sun and drink it.

Think about how lucky my kids feel right now that my busy revolves around them, and not something else.

Get to bed.  Everyone is tired, especially me.

Good night everyone.  May you all add some fun on to your list for tomorrow – you deserve it.

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