Another day in the world of Mackall. You never  quite know how things will go. It starts with a thunderstorm at 2:30 am, Mom sleeping with the 8 year old, and a 6:30 am wakeup call for a soccer tournament in Wisconsin.

All that aside, it was also my first book signing, and although I don’t tend to get nervous, I was a little nervous today.  Believe it or not am relatively shy around people that I do not know well. People who know me laugh because they know I can talk continuously.  A book signing means anyone that wishes to can approach you. I admit that sometimes those moments make me nervous.

After setting up at my table, unpacking a bunch of books, and finding the best pen for signing, I sat down for a few minutes.  As I glanced at my phone, I heard someone approach the table.  I must say that to break the ice, a great choice walked into the bookstore – having someone that can eliminate the worry of the situation was amazing.  Thank you Heather!

After my initial trepidation, friend after friend arrived to check in with me.

I am so grateful that people still want to know how our family is doing. They are truly interested in reading the book about that scary time in our lives while at the hospital for that long stretch of 84 days.  My goal this entire time has been for our story to reach that one person that needs to hear it. Either from the perspective of living through a trauma, or to better understanding someone in their life that is walking in that grief world right now.

 To watch people walk away with that story, OUR story in their hands, was a gift to me today.

I know we have some new followers to our blog, and I want to thank you for joining our lives.  We are here to help others through their trauma, to live with their brain injury. we are here to find support as a caregiver, and to try to understand why our life path is where it is.  I choose to believe that our life is what it is for a purpose. Each day is lived trying to ensure that the purpose is fulfilled.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by today – my thanks is not enough, but I hope you know how much each of you meant to me.

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