This has been a crazy morning.  It started with dropping off one kid at golf at 7:30 and never slowed down until just a few minutes ago. I had the opportunity to sit at my computer. I had to gear up and work on a power point that I need to submit for an upcoming presentation.

Often times, I like to cruise through Facebook for a bit before I start working. This is so that I am not tempted to go back and look at things repeatedly when I am trying to get actual work done.  I noticed that there was a post that I was tagged on by a friend of mine. It was a link to a sermon from her church that she attends here in the Twin Cities called Living Word.

The title of the sermon was “Pedro’s Table.”

I made it fifteen minutes into the video and started to tear up. If you have learned anything about me, you know that crying is not something I do. Or admit to doing.

What struck me so deeply where these words – Be a light for other to find their way.

That statement rang like a bell in my heart when I heard, each and every time.

What the pastor was describing was a person he had met while on vacation.  The gentleman was an outgoing, friendly man that brought joy to each person he met.  He drew people to him, had people ask for him by name, engaged people in a way that people would seek him out.  His kind heart and openness made people want to be near him, talk to him, and interact with him on a daily basis, including this pastor and his wife.  This man shone with a light that drew others into his world.

This man, with the power to bring others towards him because of his graciousness and kindness, was the waiter at the restaurant at their hotel.

Anyone can be a light for others; it is believing in the light within yourself, your path, your purpose, that creates that light that brings others to you; it is knowing that above all else, you are needed in this world to do something important, and if you can trust in the ideas and paths that are put before you, you will excel and be great.  Others will be drawn to you, to hear what you have to say, and what you believe, and what you have to offer.

For some, this is a difficult place to be, and a difficult place to achieve.  I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday about this topic, and how many people cannot or do not accept the light within themselves until something horrific and traumatic happens in their life.  When there is a major life trauma, people are forced away from their normal day-to-day living environment and routines. They are often put into a place that is uncomfortable or new.  Living within uncertainty can bring a host of fears. Often people lose themselves in the process of grief.

But there is always another path to follow, another place to journey, and another direction our lives can travel.  Sometimes, in that life changing event, we find our own light. We begin to understand that what we believed was our life’s work, was really a preparation for what was to come.

I am a believer.  I believe that I can be that light for other people.  It has been hard getting to a place where I can admit that. The path to this moment has been incredibly difficult to travel. I am filled with so much fear and sadness that I cannot imagine ever having to go through it again.  To look back and realize that our family lived through the trauma, walked through the fire. We are is now traveling towards new hope and inspiration is breathtaking.

You hold your breath for a long time when life is uncertain. The waiting for the other shoe to drop is a hard way live, especially when it is for months and months. Also, I understand that people want to reach out to us and ask questions. People want to talk about brain injuries, and recovery, and how to deal with major life traumas.  I accept the responsibility we have been given to use our story to assist others. Also, to educate law enforcement, to speak about brain injury, and to discuss caregiver issues.

I accept that our life has changed, and that for me, it has meant giving up what I thought I was meant to do with my life, and to do something else, and to believe that it is the right thing to do.

It is hard to do that. I have to trust that it will be okay.  But we continue to get positive signs each day that we are doing what is right. We must do what we were meant to do.

It takes believing – believing that you can Be the light for others to find their way.

Because if we can do it, so can you.

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