Summer is such an amazing time of year. To me, it feels like anything is possible when the sun is shining. That life is lush and green.

Sometimes life present you with a puzzle that you cannot solve. You can worry it, try to fix it and try to work it out. Although the solution of how to do it, or what to do about it, is elusive.  When it involves family decisions, the puzzle can be even harder to solve.  Emotions can blur lines of common sense. People think about themselves instead of what is best for the people involved.
As we talk with so many people working through some complicated life issues, we listen. We offer our support to them as they travel through their own life path that has been changed so dramatically.  Everyone has a story to be told. You never know what someone else is living with behind the doors that we keep closed to people we know.

As we begin to celebrate the 4th of July today, remember those that have sacrificed so much for this country. Those who offered their lives so that others can live a life without fear.  We honor our family members that served this country today.  We honor those of you that have served, and that have sacrificed so much for the rest of us.

God Bless America.

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