The world is such an interesting place – a world that truly I whipped through, without thought, before life changed for all of us. There are so many days that I wonder if it was just me – was I the only one that never took a breath?

Never listened to what was around me that makes the world such an amazing place? Was I the one that didn’t engage in so much of the world around me that I missed many years of wonder and surprise at the small things that make life an adventure to be part of?
I think I begin to wonder these things when I myself, stop to see or notice something, or someone that is awe inspiring. Yesterday it was the gift of recognizing the joy of taking a break, and talking – or not talking – with a friend when I really needed that break.

Today it was a different kind of awe inspiring.

Have you ever met a super athlete? Someone that does things that you cannot even wrap your head around? I have. And I got to give him a quick hug today before he was whisked off to the gun range to go hang out with Frank – I guess since he is one of Frank’s best friends I shouldn’t be too sad that I didn’t get to spend time with him.
Before I go any further, go Google “Badwater race 2012.” Once at the site, look at searchable results database. Then look up Harvey Lewis.

Go ahead. I will wait.

So, now that you looked it up, and maybe checked out this race, what do you think? I can tell you what I think. I think anyone that can take something like this on, and race from the lowest to the highest point under these conditions, is amazing. Pay particular attention to the time. Those times are in HOURS. 30 hours? 24 hours? Who does that?
Amazing people. People that are dedicated to what they believe in, people that understand that there are bigger things in life than themselves, and people that search out more in life than what is just handed to them by waking up in the morning.

People that set high expectations to do things that others tell them cannot be done.

Surrounding yourself with those people brings greatness to our lives. Believing in the bigger picture brings amazing results, and I am blessed to know so many of those people.
I am even more blessed that Frank grew up with this man. Happy that they get to spend some time together today, laughing like the old friends that they are. It’s great knowing that each brings an incredible strength to the other.
If you are running Grandma’s this weekend look for Harvey. He is a front of the line pacer, and probably one of the fastest guys I know. Thanks Harvey for putting a smile on Frank’s face today. Thank you for coming out last year when life was really scary. We deeply appreciate your spending an entire weekend with Frank while we were in the hospital.

We will be cheering you on when you race Badwater!!

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