It is amazing how frantic one can get while under the guise of slowing down.  I knew my end of work was in sight, and I knew that this would be the week for me to begin my slow down, and to take charge of things for the betterment of goodness – then why do I feel so frantic every day???

Even as I sit here on the deck, with the smell of newly cut wood all around me, feeling the breeze blow across my face, I am twitching inside.

I thought that not being at work would instantly relax me – instead, it has made me panic.

I think it will take some time for me to adjust to not working; the last time I stopped work it was a no brainer – Frank came home from the hospital and he needed me there to help him.  I had no problems leaving work, and being home where I was needed.  Maybe I am struggling because I don’t feel needed?

I am not sure, but I believe that this past weekend of crazy did not help me to relax.  And although the people I am now going to talk about do not want credit or acknowledgement, they are going to get some here tonight.

This past weekend, Mother’s Day weekend, was spent as a family down in Iowa at a soccer tournament.  Although it is always nice to get out of town, throwing people off of their routine can create for some stressful times.  Since we did not arrive until almost 10:30 Friday night, we had some very sleepy boys the next day.  While we were braving the blustering wind on the soccer fields, a team – and yes, I mean a large team – of people, invaded our house.  Now, I did have prior knowledge of this invasion, but not quite to the extreme as to what occurred at our home while we were gone.

You see, a few weeks ago, I made the mistake of asking on Facebook if anyone knew the name of the group in the Internet that would give bids for projects.  Someone asked me why I was asking, and I explained that we needed our fence rebuilt.  A few minutes later I was informed that the Savage police department and friends would be replacing our fence.  I, of course, said no, and was then informed that I would be up against grown men with power tools, and that it was best if I did not make them mad by saying no.

So what do you say?  I said yes.  And thank you.

But it didn’t stop there.  On a visit to scout out how bad the fence actually was – and it was really bad – I was informed that maybe there would be some painting done inside, and maybe a little decorating?

Okay.  That is fine.  And kind of fun.  Because these days, who has time to paint.

So it was with mild trepidation that we left for the weekend, knowing our house would be overrun with law enforcement and families.

And so it was.  And aside from a minor issue Sunday morning where breaking and entering was done by the police (with my permission of course, probably should have left some house keys) a team of people painted, cleaned, decorated and re-arranged our home.

And it is amazing.

I think it is such a neat concept for people to see your home as they see it.  I did get to pick colors, but the decorating and changes were all done by others.  When we walked in Sunday afternoon, it was like walking into a new home – a super clean, newly painted home.

The boy’s rooms were clean, organized and painted.  The kitchen, the hallways, and dining room are all painted and re-done.  And the living room, with new furniture, was amazing.  The hours it took to accomplish this feat in such a short amount of time is staggering.  The people that gave up their weekend, to do something for us, still brings tears to my eyes.  I just cannot imagine how we got blessed to know so many precious people.

I think my favorite part, other than the clean, is the wall in Tommy’s room.  It was painted with chalkboard paint, so that he can write on it whenever he wants (and not get in trouble).  On this wall were signatures and badge numbers of some of the people that were there over the weekend.  Tommy was amazed at the site, and we had to take pictures.  Now, he has erased it, and written down the names of every police officer that he can think of, and then asks us what their badge number is.

Do you think maybe his world revolves around law enforcement?

This love is overwhelming, just when I thought I couldn’t be overwhelmed by them again.

As many of you know, this week is National Police Week.  It is a time when we can honor those that service our communities selflessly every day, never knowing if they will return home to their family at the end of their shift.  Tomorrow night, I encourage you to join me, and many others, in honoring these officers, and the families that have made the ultimate sacrifice, at the law enforcement vigil in St. Paul.

We will be there to remember those that have given everything to their post, and to honor those severely injured doing what they love.  It is one night to give respect to those that are not often given the respect that they deserve.

I hope you join us in paying tribute this week.  I encourage you to say “thank you” to those that serve.

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