Our family is finally recovering from whatever black plaque hit our family in the last month.  Crossing my fingers that the one person that has so far been healthy, stays healthy – Frank Mackall.

Yesterday I did something selfish, something just for me, that I felt I needed to do.  I took back my Facebook page.

When Frank was first injured, I had multiple daily requests from people trying to get updates on Frank, our family, the kids and what we needed.  I readily friended person after person, trying to let people know what was going on.  What that led to was a complete takeover of what was once a small group of my friends and family that I could chat with once in a while about things, needs and kid stuff.

In today’s world, unfriending someone off of Facebook is almost seen as a hostile act.  I kept my Facebook pretty tight, not friending my staff, or people that I was not close with – everyone has my phone number, and people text me all the time.  To date, I still do not have my staff on FB, or friends of friends, but boy, were there a lot of other people.

We live our life very public these days.  I have very few places where I can go that I am just me – Lisa – not Lisabeth Mackall, The Wife of Officer Frank Mackall.  I am happy to be that person, I spend lots of time being “The Wife,” but sometimes I just want to be me.

I hope that if you were on my FB page, and were removed, that you do not take it as a personal affront.  I want people to still be able to reach me, talk to me, and be a part of my life, I just want to do some things on my own.  My law enforcement life, my brain injury support life, is out there for the world to see.

That doesn’t leave much for just me.

I cherish the people I have met along the journey – those that follow for Frank, those that follow me, those that just check in on the progress, and those that watch us change and learn how to deal with our drastic life event.  Whatever you reason you follow, we thank you.

I will continue to post here – please watch for updates on appearances.  There will be several public events coming up in the near future, along with the retreat to Dallas.  I hope to see meet some of you soon, so I can say thank you in person.


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