Conversations happen all the time – some in a rush while doing other things, some while sitting quietly in a silent room, in the dark, while others are asleep.

Today I had a couple of conversations in reaction to the last blog I did, all of which gave me a lot to think about.  In all honesty, that post was the accumulation of multiple conversations with not only our children, but other children of injured parents.  Children are brutally honest, especially when they are younger.  They don’t know what to filter, when to hold back, and what they feel is what comes out of their mouths.

I have always had a purpose when I wrote these posts – Caring Bridge was a savior, a vehicle for me to communicate to people about how Frank was doing, what his goals were, and how we were doing as a family.  In those moments that were really hard, I was able to read to myself, and when appropriate, read to Frank all of the posts and responses we got as he recovered.

Being in the long haul version of the recovery has changed some of the posts that are done;  some follow the family, some follow Frank, and some are just my way of reaching out to others as I watch them try to work through the same processes and stressors that we look at each day.  Each of them are different, depending on the events of the day, the goals met that week, or the excitement of new changes that have occurred.

The last post was no exception – maybe written without realizing the impact, and as someone pointed out, what happens if a child reads that in a few years?  What would they think?

I think that they will look back and remember this time – a time when we worked very hard to specifically deal with the good and the complicated emotions of family recovery – and hopefully can understand that these times may have been hard, but we made it through that hard parts, the scary parts, and the worrisome parts.

I will continue to wonder where our path will lead us – we just don’t know.  But then again, no one knows where the path each day will lead us.  The joy in life is allowing the path to happen before us, instead of fighting against it.

Sometimes the path is insistent, not to be ignored.  I know mine was impossible to ignore.

I wonder how many other people have a new path before them.  Now that I watch for them, it is fun to see other people discover a new directions in their life.



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