St. Patrick’s Day.  I must say, in the past, this day was fun when at work because I could always count on my friend Kari to dress in green with shamrocks on her face.  Being a redhead, everyone asks if I am Irish anyway, and it is fun to tell them “Well sure, if you don’t count the Hispanic half of my family.”  Always got the look on that one.

Today, our world was pretty quiet.  Frank went out with some friends last night, which I must preface with an explanation.  Earlier in the day I received a text stating “Do I get a hall pass tonight to go watch the UFC fights in Eden Prairie with some work people?”  Okay really??? I am not that controlling (I say as I am laughing out loud even typing those words).  Okay, maybe I am.  But we had just had a conversation about spending more time with friends and doing things that were fun.

When I got home, I asked Frank when he would be leaving for the fight.  He looked at me and could not say without smiling “Well, they start at 9 pm.”  This was funny to both of us because I have been such a worry wart about Frank being out at night.  This happens for many reasons, mostly because fatigue is not good to him, and when he starts yawning every 3 minutes, I worry about him driving.

However, as you have all witnessed, I am trying to allow him to shift back to his normal time of reality, and that means lettig him go and do things later in the day.  I will be honest – sitting at home and knowing that he would not be home until almost midnight was gut-wrenching for me.  But I have to  let go, and allow him to return to his life, step by step.

And this just happens to be one of the bigger ones.

Of course he was just fine, got home before midnight, and I was even asleep when he got home.  I know that he had a nice time, and I hope that as people see him out, trying to reintegrate back with his peers, that there will be more invitations like this one.  The more he is out doing what he used to do, the more he can work through any kinks that may occur along the way.

I hope that some of you have had an opportunity to read the first chapter of the book.  As I work through the final editing phases of the book, it is amazing to see where we were, and read through the posts that were put on Caring Bridge day after day.  What an amazing community of support, one that Frank just cannot relate to when he reads them now.  I am still amazed at the outpouring of support that was given so freely for so long, and that continues today, as the CB site moves past 200,490.  I look forward to finishing it, and closing that chapter in our lives.  I know that I will never forget any of the moments that we lives through, and I pray that someone that needs to hear that story gets to read it someday.  It was an impactful journey for us, one that changed all of us forever, but change is not a bad thing, it just depends on how you package it.

Frank just walked in from the gym – want an update?  He ran 3.2 miles, walked a half mile, then ran until he hit 5 miles.  This man has more focus than I can put into words.  His drive is what makes him who he is, and I am so glad that part of his personality is strong and with us today.

Officer Mackall is in the house – tired, but in the house.

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