Heroes Behind the Badge

Friday night was spent traveling across town to attend a movie screening with other families and supporters of law enforcement.  This movie, made by law enforcement for the public, was a clear and concise presentation of the family views of our families as they leave for work each day, and put thier life on the line.  The stories of officers killed in the line of duty, and the families that were impacted by those deaths, are crushing to watch.  Each step walked the viewer closer to the culmanation of the film which focuses on Police Week, and the National Police Memorial in Washington, D.C.

I know I have reactions to all things law enforcement, and watching children talking about missing their Mom, killed in the line of duty, and showing their momentos from the funeral and those things sent to the family, was really hard for me.  I kept flashing to all of the patches and plaques, cards and letter that were sent to us while we were in the hospital.  The scenes from police week, the bike ride, the march of the families into the circle, and the lighting of the candles was impressive, and heartbreaking.  Tears fell for those lost, and for those that have struggled so much in our world.

Pictures of officers lost in 2011 were presented, one after another – each representing a family paying the ultimate price for giving themselves to protect others.

This movie was made in the last year, and as the screen rolled on, the list of officers lost in each state began to move past as we watched.  Alabama, Alaska, Arizona…..

I started to shake as the states scrolled by.  I have one particular trigger, one that I cannot get past, and I knew that it was coming.

My heart stopped as I leaned forward, the states continuing. Louisiana, Maine, Maryland Massachusets, Michigan…..

Minnesota – Shawn Schnieder

I take in a deep breath, and lower my head, sobbing.

Each time I see his name, it pulls me back to that week, how much MN was suffering in law enforcement, and our plans to attend the funeral.

And then all plans for anything stopped.

I left the theater, unable to breath any longer.  It took five minutes for me to calm down, and by then, the headache was already present.  It is always my point of no return when I remember those few days at the end of Decemeber.

This movie is an amazing account of the life along the Thin Blue Line.  If it is coming to your area, I encourage you to try to see it.  It can also be purchased online.  If you ever wanted to know how it feels, this will bring you in, and give you a window to the family view of the world of law enforcement.

I am grateful for all of the organizations that came together to bring this movie to the Twin Cities.  It takes a lot of people to pull something like this off, and it just proved again, that people working together can accomplish anything.

Some day soon I plan to drive to Lake City – to say my own thank you to that officer that lost his life in the line of duty.  My heart wishes there had been another outcome to that day for that family – for his wife, and his children.  Nothing can change what has happened in their lives.

Nothing can change what has happened in our life.

But I have found that when I pay attention to things like this, that I can work through them.  It just has to be purposeful.

And I definitely look at purpose these days.  Without purpose for the things that we live through, they can become what we are, instead of something that we have overcome.



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