I am double posting today so if you are still part of Caring Bridge, and also registered with LisabethMackall.com, you may get this update twice.   Thank you to those of you that have transitioned to the new update forum on the website.

Today started as a normal Thursday for us for the most part.   Getting kids off to school, heading to an update appointment for Frank with his new doc, and taking my Dad back up north were all on the agenda.

As we headed into the Courage Center today, I received a text that Frank’s neuropsych results were in – big news to us since we thought it would be a few more weeks.  I entered the office with more worry than I thought I would today, instantly concerned about thing that were completely out of my control.

As we began to walk through the assessment, I watched Frank’s reaction to the news that I knew he did not want to hear.

Tremendous recovery.  Ongoing progress.  Needs more time.

Time – what Frank has already given, months and months.

And now the professionals are telling him to wait longer.

He is always polite and understanding with his therapists and doctors.  He states his understanding, his agreement, and nods at the plan.  But it is later, as we walk though the reality of what this means, and how much longer we are looking at recovery, that the sadness hits.

We are by no means done with our recovery plan, and the focus that Frank has to return to work is still strong.  But when your heart wants to be doing your life work, and you are told that you have to wait even longer to return, it is devastating.

We are in a new phase of this plan, and any change or delay causes stress and anxiety.  The plan for all of us may change, we will have to see what life has for us in the near future.

Thank you for all of the prayers today – we will need them as we move forward.

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