We all know that there are limits to what we can take – many of us take on one more thing, just one more thing, one more thing.  As the days go by, and you add one more thing. you realize that you cannot function any longer.  When you look back at why you are now buried, stressed and unable to complete even the smallest tasks, you realize that you took on too much.

It is so easy to take on a small thing – another task, committee, or job for someone else.  Who doesn’t want to help others, be kind and just help.  I do – I want to help, to be there, to do things for others.

I know so many kind people that take on more and more, until eventually, the can do no more.

Learning to balance life is a skill set.  Some people have those skills, and some don’t.  Those that do are highly functional, able to multi-task, complete tasks, and take on new tasks.  They are not overwhelmed, stressed or forgetting to do things.

What is the difference between people that can do so much, and those of us that just seem to be stuck with only the small tasks on our lists for the day?

There appear to be two things.  First, those individuals are very aware of what is already on their plate.  The know what they are already assigned to do, whether it be their own tasks or the tasks of others, and can prioritize to complete those, and add others in to their time as tasks become completed.

The other skill that those individuals posses is the act of asking for help.

The dreaded “H” word in my universe.

Asking for help is a skill, not a sign of weakness.  By asking for help, delegating even small tasks to others, it allows you to free up space, and to take on something else.  It my seem trivial to many, but by reducing small tasks off of your schedule, you may be able to take on something bigger than you are giving up.  It is the power of organization, and of letting go – just enough – to allow you to still see a task being completed.

We often feel like the more we hold onto things the more we will get done.  In reality, by asking for help you can get more done.

Common sense?  Maybe.  Do we do it?  Well, I don’t, not very well.

Here’s to trying again today.

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