I sit at my table this afternoon looking outside at the beautiful sunshine.  If you are in MN, you know that the sunshine is deceiving, as it is 4 degrees today.  I guess I am thankful that it is 4 degrees ABOVE zero.

Today marks another milestone in our life – or I should say, tomorrow does.  Tomorrow Frank has his neuropsych eval, which is essentially the 4-6 hour testing protocol to determine if he will be able to return to work soon.  I know that so much rides on this test for Frank, and for me as well.  I often talk about not being able to breathe until we move past some of these big moments, and this is certainly one of them.

As I did a presentation this weekend, I was asked again about how I was doing.  I usually answer that question by referencing how Frank is doing, since so much of how I am is reflected in how he is doing these days.  It is not healthy to base my wellness on his attitude, yet I find myself doing that on some of these moments, the ones I know he is acutely aware of, and how important they are.

I pray tomorrow goes well.  I have no control over the situation, other than to arrange for him to have a good night sleep, and make him a good breakfast in the morning.  Other than that, a large dose of prayer is all I can provide.

Thank you again, to everyone, for getting us where we are today.  From North Memorial, to the great therapists at Bethesda, and now Courage Center, we thank you for you hard work.

Now all we can do is sit back and wait.


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