I usually keep my postings to either my philosophy on life change or updates on Frank’s condition.  I try to be respectful of the many people that support us that are not directly linked to law enforcement.

However, the last 24 hours have been so explosive in the law enforcement community that I feel the need to express my prayers and gratitude for those that have lost their lives so quickly.

Yesterday, just a few short minutes from our home, a 9 year old was shot and killed by a gunman randomly shooting at cars – his mother, also shot, held him in her arms as he died.

Today, a K-9 was killed by a suspect in St. Paul.

And the ongoing saga of Christopher Dorner is unfolding before our eyes on CNN while we sit in a hotel room following a conference on Trauma in Law Enforcement.  Four law enforcement officers have lost their lives already as this fugitive and ex-law enforcement officer exacts his revenge on others from his former brotherhood.

Our hearts break for the many families affected by these horrible events.  We pray that each one feels the love and support of their own family, and to know that many of us, here in the communities of this nation, are mourning for you as well.

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