I forget sometimes – as time flows by, I forget how hard change and life can be even after all of this time has gone. by.  As I plan to attend a training out of state, I realize that there are sad faces, crying and unhappiness today.  I forgot.  I forgot that the life change, even 13 months away, has embedded itself into the boys and their lifeline – me – leaving for any amount of time causes significant distress.

I am hopeful that as time continues to move forward, times away from me will be less stressful.  I understand that the fear of me leaving is rooted in their reality – sometimes parents leave at night, and they don’t return.  Such a hard life lesson to learn so early in life.

The other night I was presenting to an EMS Council in northern MN.  It was their annual meeting, and I was the guest speaker that night.  In the middle of my presentation, I began to wonder to myself if this was making an impact on anyone.  Sometimes it is hard to gauge, and I knew I was standing between the attendees and their meal for the evening.  As I finished my speech, several people came up to meet with me.  Each one had a story, a moment in life, a connection to my story.  As each one moved on, I felt my heart release.  Those connections to another person make me feel purposeful, and validating that the path I travel continues to be the right path.

I am thankful for the people in my life that support me on this path, and encourage me to continue to support and encourage others.  I pray that with our story, we can make a difference in the lives of others.



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