Such many things going on, but apparently nothing exciting to write in the blog.  Maybe that is a good thing – maybe I have settled enough into life’s routines that there is nothing to update the world on.

Yeah right.

Of course there are many things happening in the Mackall universe.  Frank continues with his new programs, which are similar but have such a different focus for him.  I like to call these programs “fine tuning.”  Instead of heavy weights, walking through courses and retraining his gait pattern, he is now doing specific strength sets that focus on the retraining of the neuropathways on the right side of his body.  Some examples are of those exercises include sitting in a chair, and standing up without assistance on his right leg.

Try it – and then try it 20 times in a row, fast, without falling over.

Some of the other exercises he does are to reconnect the left and right side of his brain.  He will stand on one foot, and toss a ball with the other hand up and down, while closing one eye.  All of these patterned movements help reconnect those communications that we all use when aligning and moving our body for quick and accurate movements.

Frank has found many cool gadgets to assist with his rehab program as well.  One of them from Nike is a band that he wears all day, and it calculates how many calories he has burned, and earns him “Nike points.”  He also has a headband that he sleeps with that measures his sleep cycles, which has helped tremendously with tracking his sleep.  Following a TBI, there is a huge need for appropriate sleep and sleep patterns, and this device has allowed us to measure his sleep not just by the length of sleep time, but the quality as well.

I am grateful that we live in an era of technology – between the retraining with computer programs and iPad apps, to voice drills and balance programs, Frank is turning in to the million dollar man.

Or Robocop as I like to call him.

I would like to ask everyone to keep February 20th in your prayers.  That is an important day for us here, and very important testing day for Frank.  Prayers have brought us to this point, and prayers will carry us through that day as well.

For those of you that have registered for the website, the newsletter will be coming out shortly.  I will continue to post appearances as well, although most trainings are specific to cities or groups, there will be several coming up for public information.  There will also be a short release of a section of the book.  As someone who cannot stop editing, I believe I will just have to have someone take it away from me and send it in to the publisher – apparently I don’t know when to stop messing with it.

Prayers to many law enforcement families today in the US – and prayers to one of my favorite families here in the Cities.  We are here for you if you need anything, as you have been here for us since January 2, 2012.


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