We made it through January – finally.  I have been waiting the entire 31 days for this month to be over.  It just holds too many hard memories for all of us – well, all of us except Frank.

We made it past the anniversary day, celebrating with several different groups of law enforcement, and visiting Frank’s department with lunch and Jill in hand.

We made it past the transition to the new therapists, new programs, and planning with new doctors.

We made it through the paperwork submissions for long term disability, social security, and multiple other piles of paper that have had to be submitted since passing the one year mark for Frank’s injury.

We made it past our son’s birthday.  A birthday that last year filled both my son, and myself, with dread as the day approached, yet was made wonderful as law enforcement attended with thier children and family, making it a special day, even without Dad being there with us.

We made it past the old memories, nagging at us sometimes, making us remember the pain, the fear and the worry.

We made it.  That is what matters.  We made it through this month, that one year ago, we never thought we would be where we are today.

Maybe I am thankful for this month.  And although I am happy to see that it has passed, I am grateful for the lessons that THIS January taught us.

And I look forward to the wonders and amazement that await us in February.

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