I met with a friend today that is going through a devistating life change.  It is hard to see someone in that place – a place that I have been, a place that brings me to tears if I think about it too long, a place that I can now, on the other side, respect and understand.

But it is watching others stuck there, not knowing what is possible on the other side, that makes it hard to watch.

I hold the last year in such a large room in my heart.  I realize that it will always be hard to look back and visit all of those hard days, trying moments, fearful weeks, and the unknown.  But it was those moments, and those decisions, that have shaped who I am today.  It was living, breathing and experiencing that pain, and then making choices to live, work, and continue to have faith that helped me make it through that time.

It is those moments that now give me the courage to trust in what I believe are the right choices for my life, like taking another break from what my work has always been, and trying to do something that calls to me every day.  In my heart, I know that where I am going is the right place.  I hope that by leading this life that I can show other people that trusting your true self is worth it.

Making hard decisions, and sometimes great leaps of faith, can be the best decisions of ones life.


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