When I hear the call to say thank you, I try not to ignore it.

I have posted many times about the indescribable, humbling support that we have received since Frank’s accident, and how grateful our family has been for the ongoing support we still receive.  There are days when it seems nothing is going well, and then I receive an email, a text, a note, or a Caring Bridge post that brings a smile to my face, and another moment arrives to cherish.

Today was one of those days – not a bad day, but a long day, filled with making decisions and changes, which always brings stress to my world.  When I got home from work, Frank appeared stressed too, and one stress + two stress = lots of stress for the Mackall family.

Before the evening organization started, I had a moment to glance at Caring Bridge.  I try to check in every day, especially after a posting.  I truly do read every entry you all write, and many of them I read multiple times, especially when I need a little smile or some sunshine in my day.

As I read the last few guest book notes on this site, I laughed out loud.  The mental image of Adam Levine and Maroon 5 in my kitchen made my day!

So many things can make or break a day – if you let it.  I work very hard to allow in the moments of joy, the sunshine, and to not dwell on the hard, dark times.  We all have the dark moments, the dark hours, and unfortunately, the dark days.  But even those dark days have things we can grasp on to – sometimes, we just have to look hard to find them.

Today I did not have to look hard for my moment at all.  To be honest, I still laugh a bit as I write and think about that Adam Levine comment.  I appreciate any guy who calls himself a bit of a nerd, can laugh at himself, and as many of you know (but I will officially out myself) I am a BIG nerd – just ask anyone that knows me about my love of Star Wars and video games.  Watching The Voice and having the music in our house have been easy ways to bring light to one another.

I know tomorrow, when I walk into the living room, way too early for a Saturday morning, Tommy will be watching cartoons, and when he sees me, he will smile, pull out his iPod, and start my day with a little Daylight.

Find your moments everyone – the moments make it all worth it.

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