Adam Levine, from Maroon 5, is an important person in our house.

Why you may ask?

It all started many months ago during the previous season of The Voice.  Frank and I would occasionally watch it together, and he would have trouble remembering who the coaches were, and he worked very hard to remember Adam Levine.  When we were in the car, and a Maroon 5 song came on, he would ask who it was, and was it the same guy that was on The Voice.  As he became clearer, and would check with me “Is that Adam Levine?”

“Yes I think it is” would be my response laughing.

Later it became a running joke in the car.

“Frank, who is this? I can’t remember??”

“I don’t know” he would reply, laughing because we both knew that he remembered now who it was.

As the months have rolled by, Frank easily remembers who Adam Levine is, and what band he sings for.  He has downloaded all kinds of music from Maroon 5, and it has become normal to hear it playing from his iPod in our bedroom.  Their new song, Daylight, played so often on the radio, is often heard playing in our house.  The boys, especially Tommy, also play the song, because it has become almost an anthem for us – a moment of cheer, sung by many of us, as a symbol of things now remembered.

I often hear Maroon 5 while driving in the car, and it always makes me smile now.  Things are not easier these days; there is a lot of change after the first year of recovery.  But it is in these small moments throughout the day that bring a bit of joy that make you realize that not everything is dark, uncertain, and scary.  There are good moments.

Some days they are small, and only a few.

Other days, there are many, and they can bring laughter and joy to much of the day.

It all goes back to paying attention to those small moments.  Moments that are easily missed.

I try so hard not to miss the moments, however small they may be.

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