As I drove back to work today after a very nice lunch with a close friend, I heard on the radio a discussion about hockey.  During the broadcast, they announced a video that had been made regarding checking.  While talking about safety in hockey and the awareness of being safe on the ice, the broadcaster stated that this Sunday will be the one year anniversary of Jack Jablonksi’s injury.

One year.

I am very aware of the time that has passed.

I know each day, each moment that has gone by.

I have lived all of those moments – minus two days.

I felt that realization harder than any other one in the last few weeks heading up to next Wednesday.

That moment made me sad, and tired, and brought tears to my eyes.

So many moments have been lived this year – some incredibly sad, and scary, that memory of those moments bring me right back to the hospital, and they take my breath away.

Moments of joy, like the realization that Frank was sick and tired of us asking him to give us a thumbs up, and the emphatic thumbs up that made me yell “Yes!” out loud in the normally quiet TICU.

And moments of utter amazement, as Frank, in a fleeting moment of clarity, pulled himself out of his coma to ask what happened, who else was hurt, and what are we going to do about insurance coverage.

So many moments.  So many changes.  So many memories.

So much in just one year.  So many things to remember, or not remember.

It is overwhelming some times to think of all the things that we have been through this year.

And when we look forward, you realize that there are many more moments to be lived.  More memories to create.  More things to learn, and live, and experience.

Only a few more days for Jack to look back on his year of miracles.

And then it will be our turn to measure where we were, and where we have come in just a year.

One year – 365 days – sometimes feels like a lifetime.

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