It is our first Christmas together since that say so many months ago that changed our lives.  There was a lot of anticipation from the kids, and a lot of worry for me.  Although our family will be together, for two years in a row, it is bittersweet in that the chaos and stress of the day can cause more problems than joy.

There is always the worry about gifts, and did we get what we planned this year.  Most of that fell onto my shoulders as the current household organizer and planner.  I was able to delegate some of the many errands, and thankfully my parents were here to assist with the small get together that we had for some close friends.

But it felt different, this never ending worry, knowing that the stresses of this season can bring about the worst in anyone, let alone someone that already lives on the edge of the patience spectrum.

My goals for this year was to make it through without any major blowups, and we did that.

There is extreme exhaustion today from everyone, but especially from a guy that put in a teenagers car stereo and set up the new TV down in the basement for the kids.  Extreme fatigue is the enemy of the brain injured, and I have a feeling the next week is going to be a long one as he recovers from this extended period of stress.

I pray you all had a marvelous Christmas with your friends and family.

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