I am sitting at the airport in Cleveland with Officer Mackall. It is a quiet concourse on a Sunday afternoon. There are flights coming and going, kids laughing trying to carry their luggage, adults with their phones texting as they walk by.

Frank is tired. Even though the sleep at night was longer and uninterrupted, and the activity level low, being away from home has taken its toll on his brain. He recognizes the fatigue better these days, although that does not mean he likes or accepts it any better than he has in the past. I understand his frustration; I just know that there is nothing that I can do about that.

Only time can heal this for him,

Meeting our new hero – Noah Venesile – was exactly where we were supposed to be this weekend. I think we all have moments in our lives of complete “rightness.” Those moments are different, clearer, they feel better than anything else, and that is how this weekend was for us.

Meeting this family was important to us. Not only to reassure them that they are receiving prayers from all over the country, but to see those prayers at work as we watch.

Noah is making a wonderful recovery. He is laughing, smiling, reading, and relearning those tasks that he lost following his TBI. He has an aura around him of brightness and joy – you can feel and see it the minute you look at that smiling face – and I have no doubt that this time next year this family will be celebrating a wonderful Christmas, having past the year anniversary with flying colors.

Our year mark is rapidly approaching. January 2nd looms closer. Frank knows that it is making me nervous. There is no true reason for it to be a stressful day, but I can tell you as each day clicks closer, I feel more and more anxious. I will be spending more time touching Frank, sitting near him, and ensuring that he is really here with me.

It has been a hard, scary year.

It has been an amazing, joyous year.

It has been an exhausting, heart-aching, gut-wrenching year.

I look forward to and dread January 2nd.

I am sure it will pass, as all things do.

And we will continue on the journey of recovery. Frank will take more tests, start more training, learn his limits, and find ways to surpass them.

Because that is the mission of Frank the Tank.

Find a roadblock and move through it.

Find something difficult, and figure out a way to make it easier.

Find someone who needs help, and give them help.

Go to Prayer and Support for Noah Venesile on FB and check out this hero. Every time I think of Noah smiling at me it brings great joy to my heart. What a fighter.

He and Frank are now brothers on the same journey.

And I have no doubt they are both going to kick this journeys ass.

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