You never know what a day may bring.  Each day is a gift – I have recognized that for many months now, trying not to take a moment for granted, because after Frank’s accident, I learned that I never knew which moment might be the last.

Frank and I were up early this morning so we could catch a flight to Cleveland.  This was a visit planned by Frank, although executed by me, as he was insistent that we get out to Cleveland to meet Noah, a young boy recently hit by a car, and recovering from a TBI.  We have looked forward to this trip for several weeks – getting to spend some time together, visiting with his family, and meeting our new hero, Noah.

As we relaxed in our seats at 30,000 feet, Frank kept nudging me, and handing over one of his earbuds so that I could hear the song that he was listening to.  Eventually, he just left me one, so we could listen to his old school 80’s rap music.  I smiled at the music as it rotated songs, truly Frank music, and kept laughing to myself.  I glanced at Frank as he rested his head back, eyes closed, lightly bobbing his head to the music.

He looked just like Frank always did.  Relaxed.  My Frank

And I realized that at this exact moment, things are just fine.  We are together, laughing about music, flying to do something great, and things feel good.

As we land and I fire up my phone, I am made aware pretty quickly that this is not just a regular day.

Because although we are having a wonderful day of togetherness, an extreme tragedy, an incomprehensible event, has occurred in Connecticut.

How we move forward from something so heinous, continue with our day, is daunting.

But we do, we all do, because we have children that need us, and spouses that need us, and family that needs us, even with tragedy swirling around us.

So we did.

We met a smilng Noah, and his Mom and big brother today.  I will not soon forget those big browns eyes, and that sweet boys voice telling me about the names on his cast. His concentration as he transferred to his chair to head to speech therapy.  And his smiling face leaving the room, telling Frank “It was nice to meet you!”

Pure joy in that boys eyes, on a day filled with so much sadness.

Thank you to Noah for helping us remember how precious each life is, and for giving us some new smiles to think about when we can’t be home getting hugs from our own kids.

A quick visit with our family here tonight, and it was back to the hotel to rest.  Frank has had a very long day, and with that, even he realizes that he needs to sleep, so we can visit again tomorrow.

It is an early night – with the news off.  Nothing good can come from watching the news over and over, rehashing what we know.

That something really bad has happened to so many families.  On a regular day.

A day that was easily taken for granted.

Just a regular day.

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