I have struggled for days trying to get an update written.

I know that we are now at 11 months since Frank’s accident.  Eleven months of stress, worry, joy and gratitude.  We have lived through so many trials, and fears, and come out above them.  We are grateful for our support, feel promise for the future, and continue to just focus on the day to day challenges, instead of worrying about what the future may bring to us.  We are trying to focus on our family, and bringing things together each day that we have together.

But this week has shown us that not everyone has been so fortunate.

I know that many of you are aware that a few days ago a police officer in Cold Spring, MN was gunned down.  This man, with a wife, and four young children, was killed while responding to a call; a call any officer could get at any time.  Instead of going home from his shift, and picking up his children, he has been lost to us all, another officer, killed in the line of duty.

I have been surprised at my response – crying, so incredibly sad for this family.  His parents, his children, and his new wife.  Knowing their feeling of loss, and overwhelming sadness, and the unbearable pain, brought many of my stuffed in, hidden, ugly feelings to the surface.  And I just have not been able to get past them.

We have been blessed by so many local organizations during our own process – it is impossible to remember all of the poeple that walked through the doors of the hospital, came to the house and sat through therapy sessions.

And now, those same people, with thousands of others, will mourn the loss of this officer.

Thank you MN for showing your true spirit the last few days, and I know you will honor this man for his service on Wednesday.  We will be there with you.

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