Today is November 1, 2012 – this day marks 10 months since Frank’s accident. It also marks 10 months since he has been able to live the life that he wants to live, be with the people that he wants to work with, and do the job he feels he was called to do. To live each day feeling no purpose, no worth, no value is hard. People that can do many things, but can’t do the one thing that they feel makes them who they are, can lose sight of the big picture of where they can be.

As we live each day, we are given more details and plans for the future for Frank and his return to work. Most recently we learned that it will be several more months of rehab and rest before the process of testing and re-qualifying can be initiated. That is tough news to hear when all you want is to put your badge in your pocket, strap on your gun, throw your vest over your shoulder, and kiss you wife on your way to work. To know that it will be months more of recovery before you can even begin to think of starting the process is hard, or in truer words, it just sucks.

I would love to tell myself that if I was in Frank’s shoes I would fill my days with therapy, drills, brain teasers, and exercise. I would go to the gym, work out daily, eat right, and read every day. I know the reality would probably involve multiple pints of Ben and Jerry’s for lunch and endless hours of Jerseylicious.

No one knows how they would react to this type of situation, because no one wants to live it. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. My heart feels for the man that wants to be back doing what he can for the City of Savage, and to be there for the people that have been so kind to him. It is physically painful to know there is nothing that I can do but to sit by, be a listening ear, and hope that he can see how strong he is, how many people there are here to help him through the battle, and that others are fighting the same battle alongside of him.

Boredom will be hard to fight as the weather changes. There are only so many projects that will be interesting.

God give us the patience to continue on, and the wisdom to guide us towards the right path.

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