The energy that we spend each day attempting to juggle all of our “to-do” tasks is tremendous.  Even now, reading a blog note, you are expending precious part of yourself and what you have to offe the world.  Each of us, often unconscously, get upp and face our day, our “to-dos” without truly thinking about the tasks.

Work, kids, dinner, sports, TV, bed, sleep. Repeat.

Where in there is the true connection with life?  Where in those tasks does anyone take a moment to “smell the roses?”  What happened to doing things, even small things, just for the sheer pleasure of doing them?

Recently, I visited the home of a college friend – a friend, other than a brief Perkins chat a few summers ago, I had not seen in almost 20 years.  I truly believe that there are people in your life that just “get you” and Anne is one of those people for me.  Her connection to life, to each day and moments in that day, are palpable.

During the 24 hours that I spent in her hone, I resolified what I have believed since January 2nd – that life is meant to be spent as being a part of it; not just lived, but to engaged and “be” a part of the world around us.

Our excuses of time and committments just don’t factor in to this process.  It is recognizing those moments and not taking them for granted any longer, and choosing to “be” in the moment that brings us joy.

I found my moments, so many of them, in that twenty-four hour period.  Feeding her chickens watermelon and watching them run around the coop; listening to the cicadas while stting on the porch in the shade as the sun went down; taking an extra 30 seconds to smell the great plug-in she had in the bathroom.

Small, brief moments in time – and ones that would have passed me by just a few months ago.  I would have never noticed the chicken feathers, the breeze, or the wonderful smell.

Brief moments of peace that brought such abundant filling of my soul.  How have I missed this for so long?  And why?  To work a little longer and a little faster?

In the end, I still made the same amount of money, but lost out on a lot of great moments.


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