I know there are people that have bigger problems and issues than we do – people are losing their homes, lost a loved one, children are ill, parents are struggling.

I know that my problems can seem small compared to those.

But some days, the enormity of this situation, the multi-leveled management of kids and family, is exhausting.  There are many days that I cruise on by, thinking that today was not a bad day, we did all right.  And then there are other days that have huge highs, hours of fun, laughter and joy, followed by a moment of frustration and anger, that pops the bubble of comfort, and needs attention.

Traumatic brain injury is so incredibly complicated.  There are times of normal, just regular days of normal activity, sprinkled with uncertain moments, or anger expressed loudly, frustration at small, insignificant problems.  It can bring so much joy when a task is completed easily, and so sad when something that did not cause a problem last week now causes irritation.

Frank wants to be normal, and conversation about how to make that happen is the best that it has been.  Plans are in place, questions are getting answered, and goals are being met.  It is a steady path forward, and I continue to be amazed at Frank’s progress.

Patience is not one of Frank’s strength – good thing it is one of mine.

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