Another weekend, another list of places to be and things to do.  I am thankful that these things included a nap today, because as I have said many times, eventually, your body will just stop going, and force you to rest.

This weekend is full of reflection for both Frank and me – a run, a funeral (although we cannot attend, knowing a LEO is put to rest is humbling on any day), and a baptism – make for an emotional weekend. Running in the Officer Shawn Silvera Memorial 5 K this morning with the kids and friends was very special.  I want to say a personal thank you to the officers that took a moment to talk with Frank, ask him how he was doing, and to check in with us.  Each of those moments keep us looking forward, and help keep things in perspective for us all.

AJ took second place for kids under 15 in the race – my new running goal is to beat my own son in a 5K; pretty lofty goal.

I was touched by the peace and kindness in the eyes of a LEO wife today.  It is not often that I have any moments with the others, like me, that live in the reality of a law enforcement trauma.  Although her LEO lost his life, her life pursuits are a testament to her grace and love for him, and for law enforcement.  Those three seconds, with no words spoken, give me the strength to keep moving on.

Frank cut some time off of his last 5K – his gait is stronger, his stride is better, although he is frustrated about his feet falling asleep half way through the race.  The weather was cool, and with so many racers, it was fun to interact with others on the course.  I was very impressed by a group called Moms on the Run.  This huge group of women dominated the course, cheering each other on, and bringing a feeling of joy to the race.  I was glad they were there.

As Frank heads off to the gym tonight – no break for him – I looked at him and told him that he looked great.  He laughed at me, looking a little confused, and told me “Of course, I always looked great.”

The difference tonight is that it is 7:45, and he is still chipper, casual, and does not look or act tired.  That is a first for him.  He – the before Frank Mackall – is here and present right now.  I don’t see him a lot every day, and to see that part of him so late is a pleasure.

I told him that means he is supposed to run a 5K every day!

His reply – NOT HAPPENING 🙂

As he walked out the door I yelled Love you!!

Love you, bye – as he shakes his head while I laugh as he leaves the house.

So close to the dream from so many months ago.

Love you

Love you, gotta get to work.

So close…..

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