Some of the most important things that I learn come at the end of the day.  I don’t read them in a book, they don’t come from TV, or from the Internet.  They are born of fatigue, and true honesty in that time of fatigue.

“It doesn’t matter what happened before the accident.  We can never go back there.”

This statement is a true fact.  No harshness, no anger, no emotion.

Of course I already know this, but I didn’t KNOW this.

I do now.  I get it.  And he is right, we can’t go back, and there is no reason to worry about how things were done before.  Because we live in now, not before.

Such a smart guy that Officer Mackall.  Smart man to see what I can’t see, to know and understand what I have trouble knowing and understanding.

I think I will keep him.  It is good to have a smart guy around.

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