Welcome back!
Hey Frank, great to see you!
It’s Frank! Welcome back Frank!
These are the messages that we heard all day today as we visited Savage during Dan Patch Days. We started the morning at home, relaxing on an early Sunday morning – playing with the kids, putting gas in the car – normal daily activities, normal Sunday stuff for any family. Eventually we gathered the troops and headed down to Savage. As we got closer to town, I could feel an ease coming from Frank (outside of the irritation from him because I did not tell him where we were headed in town). He loves the city of Savage, and he truly misses spending time down there. We parked between the PD and the fire station, and began to walk towards the fire house. We were met, as always, by members of Frank’s department. Being greeted by that group of people always makes me smile, and brings me pause, and forces me to remember that we are supported by many, many people.
Savage, for those not yet familiar with this town, is a community of people that greet one another by name, that hug the mayor, and shake hands with the Chief of Police. It is warm, and inviting, and makes you feel at home when you visit. For me, Savage feels like coming home.
We were transported to the parade site some time after noon, and watched the Chief direct traffic – the kids were so excited to see all of the parade participants lining up, and marveled at all of the people heading over to sit along the parade route. Our youngest, as always, besieged us with constant commentary as we waited for the parade to start. After a brief visit with our great friend Darlene, we joined the Chief in the marked Charger, and with Frank in the passenger side, and the kids and I in the back, we started as the first car along the parade route.
At first, the kids didn’t know what to do – Mom, do we wave? Sure? Why not? So they did – and laughed, and cheered, and giggled as parents told their children that our kids must have gotten in trouble (why else would we all be in the back of a squad car). The Chief kept telling kids that our kids didn’t do their homework, and ended up in the back of his squad.
Now that was funny 🙂
Frank was grinning from ear to ear – he heard the greetings, the welcome wishes, and the recognition “That’s Frank Mackall!” It is these moments that I feel most proud, and I feel the joy of what can be in the future for him, As we hit the end of the parade route, the kids jumped out of the squad and ran to watch the groups behind us. It was a hot day, with lots of kids, bands and cars, and the kids loved it. This was a long day for the entire family, which ended with two great visitors from people very special to us.
Thank you Savage, it was a pleasure to visit you today.



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