I am writing this update today as Frank works through his three hour block of therapy. Today was a good example of therapy progress slowing due to over-scheduling of other activities. It is not that he won’t make more progress, but the end of school activities, vacation and general meetings and events have pulled us away from our primary life focus. I see it today as we attend each session, and it makes me feel like I have been failing him as his support. I know that is not true but sometimes feelings are what they are. I am making a new commitment to him as his wife, and hopefully we are adding others to our life as support. I can stay primarily in that my true role – wife, cheerleader and guide – and no longer add in counselor, therapist, and nag. Life should allow us some more time to refocus on the end goals – police officer and strong, family unit.

Frank has a few new eye exercises and fine motor tasks to complete each day. He is currently on the treadmill, which he blames on me for letting them know he ran a 5K, and he just completed a drill circuit. I will try to post the video here later. Each task gives him a focus towards a goal. Each goal he attains gets him one step closer to his final goal. Sometimes he loses perspective on how important the little goals are – not surprising from a guy that likes to life heavy weight, but can’t make it through a yoga session without complaining. Sometimes it’s the small, finite tasks that make the biggest change overall.
We are in speech therapy now, the hardest therapy for me to watch since I always want to jump in. His therapist pushes him along, and he knows it is his biggest area of need. Each week testing is completed to ensure that progress is still being made. He discussed with his therapist his concern about his speech intelligibility, and I know that he will be thrilled when we start to work on those drills. The fun part will be tape recording himself and then changing his speech to make it clearer. I made a promise to the girls in Savage that I would try to train Frank to dictate shorter reports – I will do my best ladies! We start this week, recording him reading out loud, and then playing it back for review.

Frank is completing another memory task as I write, and then we will be done for the day. I know he will be tired – it is our first 3 hour block of therapy in a long time. He should have a quiet afternoon since the kids will be busy with other activities, and he will get a chance to rest.
The rest of the day will involve setting up the new daily therapy program. We are back to full focus, and I know he will be happy with the results.

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