Another few days, continued need to let go and let live.  So hard, so scary to allow major errors, yet I feel that through difficulty, learning does occur.  Just because learning involves considerable stress on my part does not mean that it should not happen.  Making poor decisions, and seeing the consequence, taking directions and getting lost for two hours – all of these things need to happen, so that belief of deficits occur, and mutual planning can be completed.  Time to invest in a great GPS system with voice naming of streets, and increased driving time in our area to ensure that he is even more comfortable with his environment.  It is not important to be able to drive in other states, although it was good to try and know truly where his strengths may be.

It is great visiting family and ensuring those that have not seen Frank that he continues to progress through his recovery.  Although not the same Frank that people knew and grew up with, he is Frank, and he continues to exhibit the forward progress that we expect from him.

Thank you to our family for the great visits – it is always good to be around people that make Frank relax, and for him to not worry so much about what he says or how he says it.  We are thankful for those people that are just accepting of who he is now, and allow for the errors and mistakes.

I pray for patience, and the ability to let go more and at greater length.  Learning when there is risk is so hard – learning to trust is even harder.  I pray that we as a family continue to figure out how to be together, and to cherish the moments of ease and relaxation.  For us to not dwell on the difficult loss of patience, or the worry about the future.  To continue to trust in the process, plan for the future, and hold on to the goals we put our faith in.

If we can do that as a family, we will be okay no matter what the outcome.

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