The morning started with a quick trip to a soccer tournament in Bloomington.  We just can’t seem to get a weekend that does not result in rushing from one thing to another.  We all reconnected back at the house to head to the “We got your Back” benefit for Frank today.  This event, held in our home town, was put together by so many great people.  This benefit was born following a meeting that I was asked to attend several months ago.  This meeting led to the creation of this benefit, and Frank and I have been anxiously waiting to attend – we wanted to thank so many people from this community.

We were lucky to be at the beginning of the benefit, and it allowed us to meet many of the coordinators, organizers, and hard working people that put this event together.  It was such a pleasure to get to shake the hands of these people, many who I know have been working for weeks, long hours on this event.

To see so many people, gathered to support us, was incredibly moving.  It is easy to get wrapped up in the moments, jumping from greeting to greeting, and I really wanted to be able to remember the people that were there.  The kids were playing and enjoying themselves with friends, and Frank and I were hugged repeatedly by the people from our town.

As always, we were surrounded by lots of law enforcement from many departments. It was both an honor and scary to meet the individual that pulled Frank from the car that night, and it brought back that moment of fear that grabs me every now and then.  It was another piece of the puzzle, and although we need them all, it was still so scary to see another part of that moment that all of those people at the scene were exposed to.

I was able to say thank you to the group there tonight, but thank you is never enough.  How do we thank the community that fed our kids, watched our house, brought us food, and just stopped by to give us support?  I don’t know how to do that – words sometimes are just not enough to express what is happening in my heart.

Today, Officer Frank Mackall Day in Cottage Grove, MN, was a really great day.  I know many of you loved to see him there, and you finally were able to shake his hand or hug him for yourself.  I also know that when you look at him your expectation is that he is back, he is better.  It is easy to be a little shocked when you realize that what I say about there being a lot of work ahead is true – looks can be decieving.

Please hold strong to the prayers and faith that have brought us this far.  Have faith in the process – it is how I make it through each day, how we make it through the hard moments, and how we will make it to the finish line.

Thank you Cottage Grove, South St. Paul and Newport – so many people from many different organizations.  Thank you.

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