I asked for prayers this morning on Facebook, just wanting a little bit of support in the universe today.  As Frank and I headed out for a day of doctors appointments, I was hoping that the day would go smoothly.

Frank and I arrived at Sister Kinney today and immediately ran into a therapist that I used to work with – small world indeed here in the Twin Cities for therapy people.  Frank had a very important assessment today, one that was more important to him than anything else that he has done lately.

Frank completed multiple visual, response time, cognitive and memory tests today to assess his readiness for driving.  Multiple times throughout the assessment, the therapist stopped, talked with Frank about his ability to review his work, and his thoroughness with finding errors.  She looked at me at one point and stated “He doesn’t present like a TBI – many do not review or have insight into their errors.”  Frank laughed at this remark.  Although some of this behavior is similar to his personality prior to the accident, the fact that he is able to apply that skill to his current condition is remarkable.  Along the normal path of recovery, it is often very difficult to instill the ability to self-regulate and monitor oneself for errors.  The fact that Frank continues to be able to do this, and apply it to multiple different types of tasks, is truly amazing.

Frank got to complete an assessment today that he has done many times in the past, called the dynavision.  For those therapists out there that are wondering what his current score is (Cathy), he is now at 210.  That score, along with the other information gathered today, led to a recommendation from the occupational therapist that made Frank very happy.

He has been cleared to drive.

Another amazing feat for Frank – another complete miracle in our world.  Thank you for all of your prayers.

After the boys school musical presentation tonight, and Frank’s return home after his ride along, we were chatting as he headed off to bed.  He asked “where is the negative in this?”  I asked his what he meant, and he said “The negative, you and the therapists talk about the negative parts of this, but I only keep seeing the positive.”  I smiled, and he looked at me and smiled back.  “Well, Frank, as we try to tell you, and you were told again today by a therapist that doesn’t even know you, this process is a miracle.  You are recovering in a way that does not really make sense to those of us that work with head injuries.  It is remarkable.”

To that he replied, with that grin on his face “Are you surprised?”

Sigh – sometimes it is hard dealing with these law enforcement guys, but you have to love them.

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