Nothing new and exciting, I just know that I get worried emails and texts when there is no update for a few days.  I told Frank that I needed to get one done today, and he said “so, it’s been, what, two day?’ with that face that he makes. I often think that some day he will get really curious and read through this entire post – he has read some here and there, mostly about the first few days, but not in its entirety.  I think he will be shocked by the amount of posts and support that he keeps getting to this day.

Frank is thinking about his driving test, and looking forward to some ride alongs with his peers.  Therapy continues each week, and as he said today “I just don’t like those standardized test.”  We talked again about the purpose and the why, and to not fret too much about the numbers when they are not where he wants them to be.  He has made so much progress that when he struggles with some things, he gets irritated.  Obviously very goal oriented – do the task, then do it better next time is his motto.

We are grateful for the lovely weather, trying to get as many projects as possible done outside in between appointments.  Hopefully the end of school will go well for the kids, and the transition into summer and sports schedules will be a smooth one.

As always, thank you for caring about our family and our little universe.  We enjoy meeting people at the benefits, at the store, and of course, reading the posts on Caring Bridge.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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